4 Reasons Why Cancun is a Great Place to Visit with Kids

Cancun isn’t just a romantic getaway town or a spring break destination.  It’s also a family friendly place where kids can have fun and enjoy vacation just as much as their parents.  Here, we’ll outline four reasons why Cancun is actually a great place to visit with kids.

1.  The Interactive Aquarium

Located in La Isla shopping center, just a bus ride away from the Hyatt Regency, the Interactive Aquarium Cancun is the perfect place to take your kids.  In the observation area of the aquarium you can witness beautiful marine species such as stingrays, many different types of fish, jellyfish, seahorses, eels, coral, and piranhas just to name a few.  The contact area allows you and your children to feed the stingrays and hold starfish and sea cucumbers.  Additionally, they offer swimming with the dolphins, sea lion encounters, and even diving with the sharks.  The Interactive Aquarium is famous for their very own dolphin show.  Trainers show off the skills they’ve taught their dolphin friends while onlookers are blown away by their talent.   The dolphin show runs daily at 6pm.

Interactive Aquarium La Isla

2. Wet ‘n Wild

Defined as the ultimate water park, Wet ‘n Wild is the place to take your children for a full day of fun in the sun.  This isn’t just your typical water park — it overlooks the Caribbean Sea and has water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river ride, a bubble space bowl, and much more.   Prices are affordable and include all day park access, unlimited food, as well as all drinks (even alcohol for the adults).  There are lockers and tables to store your belongings and lounge while you eat.  Your kids will thank you for taking them to the coolest water park in Mexico after they enjoy their day at Wet ‘n Wild.

Wet 'n Wild Cancun Park

Image: sunrisecancun.blogspot.com

3.  Peter Piper Pizza

Games, pizza, tokens, tickets and fun!  Peter Piper Pizza is located on the highway that takes you to the Cancun airport from downtown.  It’s a great place to take the kids to celebrate a birthday or just to let them play their favorite games with the chance to win prizes.  Here you can find classic arcade games such as skee-ball, basketball toss, wack-a-mole, as well as slides, tunnels, ball pits, and toddler areas that are suitable for young children.  They also offer party packages to accommodate groups that include food and drinks.  Peter Piper Pizza can be reached by taxi.

Peter Piper Pizza Restaurant Cancun Mexico

4.  Hyatt Kids Club

Here at the Hyatt we have a Kids Club especially designed to entertain children and keep them busy during the day while the parents enjoy their drinks and sun tanning by the pool.  Our staff has our guests and their kids participate in activities such as water aerobics, beach and pool volleyball, ping-pong, arts and crafts, yoga, and walks along the beach.  One thing is for sure, children will never be bored here at the Hyatt Regency Cancun.

hyatt regency cancun kids

Your days here at the Hyatt Regency and in Cancun will be filled with fun, relaxing, and unforgettable activities for you and your family!  If you’re traveling with kids, the Hyatt Cancun is where you want to book your next Mexican Caribbean vacation.


5 Activities You Can’t Miss While You’re in Cancun

Vacationing in Cancun isn’t just about fun and sun, but also about exploring the beauty of Mexico.  To make sure you know what to do while you’re here, we’ve outlined 5 activities that you can’t miss while you’re in Cancun.

1. Isla Mujeres

A beautiful island located just minutes from Cancun, Isla Mujeres offers a unique view into Mexican island life. Ferries leave several times daily to and from the island and are easy to catch. We highly recommend enjoying the ride over to “Isla”, as the locals refer to it, at least once during your Cancun vacation. The island is home to water parks, beach clubs, restaurants, shopping areas, and even some Mayan ruins. It is best explored by golf cart, which can be rented all over the island.

Isla Mujeres Golf Cart

Photo: justmytravelling.com

2. Cancun Underwater Museum

What’s better than visiting an art museum in paradise? Visiting an art museum underwater in the Mexican Caribbean. This environmentally friendly museum is full of sculptures created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. The goal of the sculptures are to become artificial reefs, creating areas for coral reef to flourish and for marine wildlife to live and breed which also boosts the eco system. It’s a unique way to experience the beauty of art, marine life, and the Caribbean Sea. As time goes on, the sculptures will change in appearance as the coral grows and more wildlife starts to live in them. It’s truly something you cannot miss.

Underwater museum mexican caribbena

Photo: scubacancun.com.mx

3. Tulum Ruins

The most popular Mayan archaeological site, Tulum is best known for its spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. The walled city was built on a bluff facing the rising sun. The ruin site is easily reached from Cancun via bus and day trips run several times each day. Tulum means “wall” in the Yucatec language and is a reference to the large wall that surrounds the site. The main buildings that are seen at the Tulum ruins are in the city’s main center – the Castillo, the Temple of the Initial Series, the Temple of the Descending Gods, and the House of Columns. Minutes away from the archaeological site, is the town of Tulum where you can spend the night at eco-friendly hotels that usually have cozy cabanas on the beach.

Archaeological site Tulum Mexico

Photo: mundoplayadelcarmen.com

4. The Maya Museum

Cancun’s Maya Museum just opened in 2012 and is conveniently located in the Hotel Zone. The new museum is home to 350 archaeological artifacts, including new items that have never been shown before. It contains three exhibition halls, one that is dedicated to the Mayan people that inhabited Quintana Roo, a second that represents the diversity of the different regions that make up our area, and the third exhibits Mayan architecture, art, and other ancient artifacts. Next to the Maya Museum is the archaeological site of San Miguelito that also recently opened. This location was lived in over 800 years ago until the Spanish conquerers arrived. The museum charges around $5 USD for admission and is easily reached by the public bus.

Museo Maya Cancun

Photo: noticaribenews.blogspot.com

5. Shopping

Cancun is a hub for entertainment and shopping. Located just steps away from our hotel are several shopping plazas that are sure to meet all the different preferences of you and your family. For example, Plaza Forum by the Sea has one of Cancun’s hottest nightclubs: CocoBongo, as well as the Hard Rock Café Cancun and Carlos and Charlie’s restaurant. Plaza La Isla can be reached by public bus and has stores like Louis Vuitton, Coach, Puma, Zara, and Nike, just to name a few. Additionally, if you are looking for authentic Mexican souvenirs made by local artists, we recommend you venture into downtown Cancun to Market 28. It is also easily reached by public bus and is an open-air flea market where you can practice your bargaining skills and purchase the best type of Mexican souvenir while also supporting the local culture.

Cancun Plaza Forum

Photo: forumbythesea.com.mx

Vacation isn’t just about relaxing in the sun and laying by the pool. It’s also about taking the time to explore the local culture and shop for souvenirs to take home to remember your trip by. These are just five of many “can’t miss” activities that Cancun has to offer. Take the first step in making these fun events possible by booking your Mexican Caribbean vacation with us!

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Los colores de Cancún

Cancún tiene un peculiar colorido que ningún otro lugar tiene. Sus diferentes cambios de clima aveces impredecibles y otras veces esperadas, hacen de éste, un lugar multicolorido y hermoso que podrás observar cada que salgas y contemples el panorama natural de esta bella ciudad.

El mejor lugar para apreciar este multicolorido natural es visitando la playa, seguramente te encontrarás con alguno de éstos panoramas si vas al atardecer.

atardecer en cancun Continue reading