Let’s celebrate the end of the old age of the Mayan calendar!

This year, the Mayan calendar heralds the end of the old age and the beginning of another one. Hyatt Regency Cancun will join this unique celebration by preparing several activities throughout December for its guests and customers during their stay; such as special menus, beverages and a Mayan Ceremony.
One special package that Hyatt Regency Cancun has prepared for its visitors to allow them to experience this important culture is the “Explore Package“, which includes a one-hour guided tour to Tulum, a wonderful seaside Mayan archaeological site, besides enjoying the panoramic views of the location, visitors will have free time to enjoy some of the best beaches and turquoise water in the vicinity.

Also, to let guest experience a truly cultural culinary experience, from 16-22 December, some special Mayan ingredients will be included in the menu at O and The Grill restaurants.

On 21 December 2012, in accordance with the Mayan approach to spirituality through nature, Hyatt Regency Cancun invites all guests and clients to a ceremony named Fuego Nuevo, a live ancestral union to connect with Mother Earth and welcome the new age, with incense.

To connect with this amazing culture, The Beach House Spa has created “Wayak”, a special massage, which means vision through dreams. Those who undergo this treatment, will experience a fusion of four massage techniques used by the Mayans in pre-hispanic times that will help to purify the soul through the benefits of copal and myrrh.

Through these offering, Hyatt Regency Cancun will welcome the new age and join in the unique events and activities that Cancun has to offer its visitors. This is the perfect opportunity to recharge under the Caribbean sun and have an unforgettable experience with Mayan culture.


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