Ka´Yok´: Cancun’s New Planetarium

At some point in our lives we have all wondered what lies behind that which is visible to our eyes when we look up into the sky and past the limits of our world…


Ka´Yok´, meaning “our universe” in Maya, is a new planetarium located in beautiful Cancun.  Ka´Yok´ is a window to our universe, one that brings us just a little bit closer to the amazing planets, stars and unknown and fascinating universe that we perceive when gazing up into the heavens.


The planetarium is an open space measuring 12 meters in diameter and is equipped with the latest screen and sound technology . But what really impresses is an advanced projection system based on Digistar 5—a fulldome digital display technology used by only 12 other planetariums in the entire world.

And that’s not all. You will also find a small museum,  ecotechnology park, botanical gardens, a water exhibit, and much more.

Come Soon

Don’t forget to put it on your list of places to visit on your next trip to paradise. You have a lot to see and do, so take extended vacations in Cancun and enjoy the magnificent beaches, the best ecotourism attractions, and now, even explore the universe at Ka´Yok´!planetarium_cancun-kayok-hyatt


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